We live in a complex world, where as people we navigate our way amongst the fascinating way in which the universe operates. Our lives influenced by nature and nurture. We try to find answers to our questions as we have to make decisions every day. Some decisions are about how we are going to spend the day, some are about what we are going to do with our lives.

Sometimes we are alone, sometimes with friends and family. Sometimes we seek companionship, sometimes we seek inner peace. Sometimes we need support, sometimes we need guidance.

The constant across all the moments we spend in our lives is ourselves – in body and spirit. For some, life is made easier by through spiritual companionship. For some physical companionship makes it easier to operate.

AEGENDA aims to be the physical companion present and providing support in as many moments of the lives of our customers.

Consciousness (Reinforcement of) – time is the most limited resource we have in our lives. Wearing an AEGENDA product acts as a reminder to make the most of each moment and have an agenda, live purposefully. It may be about what to do in the moment, all the way to what to do with our lives. It may be about doing nothing or about striving to make a positive impact in the universe through our existence.

Slowness – while the pace of life is continuously accelerating, AEGENDA reinforces the message that sometimes slow is good. Slow and fast may coexist and complement each other. In the case of AEGENDA, slow is about its embodiment of slow fashion, balancing the fast fashion omnipresent in life.

Quality – AEGENDA products strive for quality, from the quality of materials to craftmanship and overall interaction experience. It is something we hope will inspire and nurture commitment in the lucky few that will get to wear AEGENDA products.

Aesthetics – while not all moments in our lives will be beautiful, AEGENDA brings elegance and beauty to brighten up rainy days and make us shine brighter on sunny days.

Confidence – wearing an AEGENDA product is meant to infuse strength and confidence through the way we look in them and what the AEGENDA brand stands for.

Imperfect – AEGENDA is not perfect and same applies to people. It reinforces the message that being imperfect is acceptable and that life is about striving and not giving up, completing the journey and making the most out of it.

Learning – knowing things, understanding the world around us helps in making better choices in life. AEGENDA acts as a reminder to never stop learning and as a facilitator of learning through the unique life context code based on the life context framework developed by the Institute of Life Management Science.

Uniqueness – everyone is different, yet some people are unique. AEGENDA believes in uniqueness and finding one’s voice. Each AEGENDA product is made unique by the life context code patch embedded in the product. Like in life, the unique expression of individuality will not be to everyone’s liking. And like in life, what matters is not acceptance, but being comfortable with our unique expression of nature’s wonders.

Environment – while reducing the negative impact of our lives on environment may be difficult to achieve, we should care and strive to do something about it. At AEGENDA we care and we are striving to minimise the impact through the choice of materials, using packaging that may be repurposed and continuously exploring how to make operations greener. AEGENDA is greener fashion choice which also inspires to be greener in own lives.

Companionship – with both the good and the bad we are ready to be there for you in your moments of need, and all day everyday, for as long as you need us. We know things change in life and while embracing evolution and adapting helps with coping, having a constant which facilitates stability through presence and care through physical touch, has the potential of making the entire life journey easier and more enjoyable.

Joy – all too often we forget how important is to experience joy and happiness through as many beautiful moments in our life. We hope AEGENDA products will bring an element of joy and delight with every use.

Curiosity – as AEGENDA seeks to explore new creations, its products are meant to inspire curiosity and exploration in the life of the ones that wear them. This includes exploring the meaning behind each of the 38 components of the life context code which comes with each product.

Meaningfulness – meaning in life is more rewarding, both in each moment and for the entire life. AEGENDA’s products can be described as meaningful fashion, as they encompass symbolism and meaning, inspiring the seeking of meaning for others.

Creating – in life creators are rewarded more than consumers. We wish for everyone wearing AEGENDA products to draw inspiration from their creativity and to fuel their own creativity and creation of artefacts in life.

Gratitude – expressing appreciation feels good for both communicator and recipient. Each AEGENDA product comes with a thank you card, inspiring others to express gratitude in their lives. Wearing and AEGENDA item, is a constant reminder of the opportunity to express gratitude every times the item is worn.

Balance - we live in a world of consumerism and attention seeking. AEGENDA is a reminder that sometimes less is more. Balancing exuberance with minimalism may facilitate a more meaningful path. Life is not about showing off, but about showing up. Although sometimes making a difference requires a certain image construct and persona projection, balancing in other aspects of one’s life enables a more sustainable and rewarding experience. AEGENDA products act as a reminder of seeking balance,

Grace – AEGENDA products strive to embody grace and elegance. In doing so, they act a reminder of the importance of being graceful in the way we conduct ourselves in life.

Communication – AEGENDA communicates both explicitly through its aesthetics and written messages, as well as tacitly through what it represents and the metaphors it encompasses. Its products have the potential to be triggers of better communication for the ones wearing them, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Legacy – AEGENDA products are meant to be collected, looked and passed on to others, perhaps across generations, creating a beautiful legacy linked to the life story