The high-waist Trouser 03 from AEGENDA

In the modern workplace, where the line between professional and personal style increasingly blurs, creating an impactful work wardrobe is about blending functionality with personal expression. AEGENDA offers a range of garments that redefine workwear with a touch of elegance and sophistication, ensuring you look poised and feel confident in every business setting. Let's explore the essentials of a work wardrobe that speaks of ambition and style, featuring AEGENDA's meticulously crafted pieces.

The Power of a Perfect Jacket

A well-tailored jacket is the cornerstone of any work wardrobe. It's the piece that pulls an outfit together, radiating authority and style. AEGENDA's Jacket 01, with its sleek woolen fabric and double-breasted design, provides a modern twist to the classic work jacket. Whether paired with trousers or draped over a dress, it's a versatile piece that elevates your office attire.

Versatile Vests for Layering

For those days when you want to add an extra layer of sophistication without the bulk, AEGENDA's Sleeveless Vests are the answer. The Sleeveless Vest 07, crafted from premium cotton with stretch, offers a sleek, streamlined silhouette perfect for layering over blouses or under jackets. Its detachable front attachment adds a touch of versatility, allowing for multiple styling options.

The Essential Trousers

No work wardrobe is complete without a pair of impeccably tailored trousers. AEGENDA's Trouser 03, made from luxurious wool, offers a contemporary high-waist and a wide-leg silhouette that works with a variety of tops and shoes. These trousers are not just about looking good; they're about feeling good throughout your busy day.

Blouses That Mean Business

Underneath the layers, a beautiful blouse can speak volumes about your attention to detail and taste. AEGENDA's Blouse 01, in 100% silk, provides a lightweight, luxurious feel against the skin, with an elegant attachment adding a unique detail. It's a piece that transitions effortlessly from a key daytime ensemble component to a subtle statement for after-work events.

Final Touches: Skirts and Dresses

Sometimes, a skirt or dress is what you need to break the monotony of trousers and suits. AEGENDA's Skirt 08, with its high waist and A-line silhouette, brings a classic yet contemporary feel to your work wardrobe, while Dress 01's minimalist design with a detachable shoulder attachment offers a streamlined look perfect for the modern professional.

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