BLOUSE 02 - BM002

$297.28 USD


Crafted for the discerning urbanite, BLOUSE 02 embodies a fusion of architectural precision and functional finesse. This unisex blouse is meticulously constructed from 100% robust cotton, sculpting a silhouette that artfully accentuates the shoulders and narrows at the waist, reflecting a contemporary approach to classic tailoring.

Fabric: 100% Cotton


  • Features innovative square and round pockets on the sleeves, seamlessly integrating style with practicality, complemented by zipped pockets for enhanced security.
  • A bold black line extends from the neck to the lower back, emphasizing the blouse's sleek, elongated form. Includes a custom patch loop situated under the round pocket on the left, adding a touch of personalization.
  • The blouse's design widens at the shoulders and tapers at the waist, offering a dynamic, hourglass appearance.
  • Adjustable cuffs with tabs allow for a customizable fit and varied styling options. 


  • Length: 95 cm / 37.4 inches
  • Chest width: 104 cm / 41 inches 
  • Shoulder width: 45 cm / 17.7 inches
  • Sleeve length: 61 cm / 24 inches

Shipping and Payment

Shipping and payment

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