KILT 02 - SKM002

$211.59 USD


Discover KILT 02, a bold addition to AEGENDA fuctional lines, masterfully crafted from premium 100% cotton. This unisex skirt stands out with its innovative design, blending asymmetrical elements and varying lengths for a striking, contemporary look.

Fabric: 100% Cotton, Pocket Lining 100% Recycled Polyester


  • The skirt showcases an A-line silhouette with an asymmetric design featuring a mini length on one flap and an above-the-knee length on the other, providing a dynamic visual contrast.
  • Functional yet stylish, it includes a unique 2-in-1 box pocket on the right side and a mini box pocket on the left, complemented by two zipped back pockets for secure storage.
  • Positioned for practicality and personalization, a loop underneath the mini pocket on the left allows for the attachment of patches or accessories.
  • The low-rise waistline adds a casual, relaxed vibe, making it suitable for diverse fashion ensembles.


  • Length: 51 cm / 20 inches
  • Waist: 90 cm / 35.4 inches 

Shipping and Payment

Shipping and payment

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